Monday, December 22, 2008

Old Dreams..

I ran into an old friend a little while ago while I was out. Someone that I graduated with. It's funny that we ran into each other because I was just talking about him over the weekend. Anyway, while were were playing catch up in the middle of the store he asked me "When are you gonna start modeling?" and of course I threw out the answer that I always do, "I don't know, soon". It's so weird though because he's literally the third person within the last two weeks to say "when are you gonna start", or "You need to get on your grind".

It's been something that I've been talking about doing since I can remember. I've done my research, I pretty much know everything I need to know about the industry. The only thing thats holding me back is, well, nothing..besides the fact that I don't wanna travel to NYC by myself. It's not even so much that im scared to go alone, it's that my sense of direction is retarted, and I know I'll be lost somewhere. That's just something I'm gonna need to suck up because there's people[besides me] that actually believe in me. Can't let them, or myself down right? Doesn't REALLY matter, just more motivation! There is one person that said he would go with me, but we'll see if he's gonna keep his word. I shouldn't really depend on anyone to go with me. I need to just get out there and do it. I know I have it in me.

I'm thinking really hard about it; for real this time. January is rolling around, maybe that's how I'll start my year off...In the meantime I'm gonna go dust off my books, just to refresh my memory a bit.

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