Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't you hate when you get accused of things you wouldn't even dream of doing?


When people try to put their insecurities off on you, and try to make it seem like you're the reason for their short comings?

lol; I just had a flashback. It happens sometimes, excuse me.


Last night I watched "Baldwin Hills". I was sooped about it coming back on, only to be disappointed. It seemed too scripted [or something] with terrible actors. I got aggravated watching it. Most of it seemed so fake. Blaaah. I'd have to vote no on tuning in next week.

Right now I'm babysitting.[Well, actually, im blogging. ;)] Sometimes I wonder what people would do if I wasn't sooo nice. Daycare closed without notice, and my sister's boss is a jerk so she didn't wanna stay home. I had all the reasons in the world to say no, but I love these kiddies, and I'd do anything for them. I'd rather them be here with me, than have [all four of..] them cramped in an office all day. I'm assuming her only other option would've been to take them to work with her; since she's had to do it in the past. But, whatever. I don't get much out of being the b|tch that I should be to people who've done me wrong. I don't have to. Karma handles my light work everytime.

Well! Gotta go.. my girl just poured a pack of oatmeal on the carpet. It's gonna be a looong day.. ;]


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Anonymous said...

Kids are horrible sometimes, i have a 4 year old and over the years she has stopped making a mess with food but it was replaced with toys, paint, papers and books she doesnt even read but pretends she does. Lmfao but i love her anyway =]

[She once decided to put vaseline all over her hair, just because, can you imagine how many days it took to get it out? and i wasnt even mad, it was funny as hell!]

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