Thursday, January 8, 2009

I was going through my photobucket a few minutes ago, and in the 28 pages of my album I came across some old graphics that I made. I bought photoshop and paintshop two years ago, thinking that they both did something different. [to later find out that they really don't!] I didn't really buy them for any specific reason, besides just wanting to be able to spice up my pictures. But, in the meantime I learned a few other things. When I was bored I used to take pics of random celebs and blend them together. With a little practice I came up with these:




[That's a few of them. I wish I had my computer, because I know there's millions more. The one's that I didn't put up from photobucket were from my Omarion obssesion, that I've since grown out of. I got a new obsession now. He's been replaced! lmaoo.]

They're all from about a year or two ago. I did another one a couple of months ago just to see if I still remembered how, but it's on my broke ass laptop. Therefore, I can't share! But, anyway, the reason why I was looking through my old graphics is because I was asked to make something for someone that could possibly be used for something big. And I think I'm nervous about it! lol. I don't consider myself a graphic designer at all. I only do it for fun. I don't even know where this opportunity came from. But, I'm gonna see what I can come up with.

Changing the subject...I was watching 106 & Park last night. =X=X=X. And they said something about a movie being made about Aaliyah's life. I'd heard rumors in the past about a movie, and that Meagan Good would be playing her. But, yesterday they said that Keisha Chante[UK singer] got the role.

[did not make this, got it from google]

I remember seeing this girl a few years ago for the first time and the first thing I said was "she looks like Aaliyah". I can't think of a better person to play her. I'm glad they found her because Meagan Good? I'd have to vote no!

Anyway, I'm excited. I love Aaliyah. Well, her music anyway.

I'm definitely not supposed to be sitting here blogging. I got tests to take and stuff to make and I need to hop to it. lol. I'll be back later if I think of something I forgot.


FLYBOIZ said...

meagan good is in both our latest blogs for some reason...

Jervis said...

wow,yurr graphics are MEAN, but yo.
heres someone who will give u a run for your money.
Check out her work:

love yurr blog

Crys said...

Aww, she's DOPE! Makes me wanna learn mooore!! Mine are super simple compared to hers. I'm inspired!! Time to get back into it and step my game uppp.

&& thanks! ;]

Anonymous said...

those graphics are dope! but she does look a lot like Aaliyah.

Kimberly Michelle said...

Love this post. So I didn't know about the movie or anything, and as much as I love Meagan Good, she would not have been a good fit for the role! Can't wait for that!!

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