Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[lmaoo @ him dancing]

I promised myself, Jesus, Chris and Rihanna that I would not speak on their situation on here, BUT, I just watched Diddy on Ellen and he brought it out of me! We pretty much feel the same way.. I have been arguing with my mother, my love, EVERYBODY since this happened..and what I've been saying this whole time has finally come to light.

Now, when I first heard, I'm like okay, he hit her[this is before I realized that he beat her ass, he didn't just hit her] but what did SHE do to make him do so.. I said to my love that she had to do something for him to hit her.. Somehow how I doubted that he just up and slapped her for no reason. I never said that what she may have done justified his actions, because nothing does..BUT my point is everyone was so quick to name Chris the bad guy, but Rihanna is just as bad. So I'm arguing with him and he says "nothing she did should have made him snap on her like that". VERY TRUE! All I've been saying this whole time is that I doubt he woke up that morning and say "Oh, I'ma beat Rihanna's ass tonight just for the helluvit".

Yesterday, it came out that his manager was the "girl"[more like old ass woman, yuck!] who sent the text message that pissed Rihanna off and blah blah blah..And Rihanna slapped him. RIHANNA SLAPPED HIM! Thank you! Nobody knows how many times she hit him or whatever else could of happened before he snapped. Does that give him the right to beat her down? Hell No! BUT she had no right hitting him either and that's what a lot of people fail to realize. I don't know why so many people think it's okay, or no big deal for a girl to hit a guy..but it's OH MY GOD, LOCK HIM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY if he hits her ass back. WRONG! You shouldn't be hitting ANYBODY just because you expect them not to hit you back. You should always expect to get hit back and that should make you think about it before you put your hands on anyone. I would never hit a guy just because he's not "supposed" to hit me back. That's bullshit. I'm all for the "teach a man not to hit a woman" thing, but how about teach girls the same thing. If I hit you, male, female, cat or dog, I expect you to hit me back. Simple as that. That's girl's problem..they think they can get away with certain things because they're a girl.
Well, I know better.

And to all the people that's so shocked that she's back with him, you shouldn't be. She went back because she started the drama, and she knows if she WOULDN'T have been being jealous and going through his phone, and WOULDN'T have put her hands on him, that none of this would've happened. If you have to check somebody's phone to find out what they're doing behind your back, then you shouldn't be with that person!

I'm done now, it's off of my chest! Of course what they do is none of my business, but since I hear their names everywhere I gooo. I'm entitled to form an opinion about it.

AND NOOO! I'm not defending anybody because if you ask me they're BOTH wrong as hell!

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Dolce. said...

lmaooooo yo i wanna hang out with Diddy for a day.

But yeahhh, Rihanna needs some more meat on her bones like me so she could've beat his ass back. Like yeah aight i'll go to court but i wouldnt even hide that shit, i'd have a fan base cuz i stood up to his sasquatch ass lolllll.

like [POW]

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