Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Naiiiil Poliiiiish!

I DID NOT order the "On the prowl" nail polish from the Hello Kitty MAC collection. Why? Because when I went to order it the next day after it came out, it was sold out..and I just don't have the patience for the foolishness w| MAC. They always seem to sell out of the things that I want. SO, I searched some more and I found that China Glaze had the cream gray color!! Yay! I ordered it along with ten other colors[I have a nail polish problem] and they came today!! I'm very excited. I want to wear them all, but of course I only have ten fingers. I'll probably be changing my nail polish every other day until I get it out of my system. Smh. Back to my old habits.

Anyway, I wanted to show you guysss what colors I got!


[I WILL be getting mooore!]

I also got my Sonia Kashuk make-up brushes last week.



I'm not a huuge fan of gold, not jewlery wise atleast, but I figured it didn't too much matter. Very few people will see my brushes anyway. Sonia Kashuk is a make-up artist that has her own line in Target! I've heard great things about her brushes.. and my fave make-up artist, Lauren[QueenofBlending || check her out; she's dope!] uses them. I figured what better brushes to learn with, right? Right!

That's all for now! I didn't take pictures of anything else, and this blog is interfering with me watching my favorite show eveeer!
Gotta Go!


Devon said...

soooo this is it ehhh, i love the colors very pretty and omg i've never seen gold brushes aaah they are cutee!

Crys said...

Yess! Nail Polish excites me!!

&& thank you..=]

Dolce. said...

ahhhh i want the hot pink & lime green one SO BAD!!

Rai said...

WOW! I'm loving those nail polishes.

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