Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shameless Plug !

How CUTE is this cake?!


Pretty cute, huh?

I'm proud to say that my sister made it! She's been baking for people for about two|three years, but she just made her business official towards the end of last year! She's learned so much, and is pretty talented at it! [She even tried to teach me, but I'd much rather just eat the stuff! lol. I can hook up a cupcake though! ;)]

If you live in the tri state area and are interested in ordering goodies for any occasion[or no occasion at all ;)], check out her website!


There you'll find everything from photos, to reviews, to contact information! Or, you can place your order right there on the site!

"Go ahead, Cake HER day!"

[P.S. her peanut butter cake is the BOMB!]

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