Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quick Hair Update

I am now 7, going on 8 months post relaxer. March 6th will be 8 months! YAY! I'm really anxious to cut off my relaxed ends. But, im trying to wait until I make it to a year before I do so! Im considered doing it at the "Natural's Night Out" event that im going to in NYC this June (more details to come in a later post), but I haven't quite decided yet!

For now, I've been trying to keep my hair "put away" as I call it. Im trying to stay on the protective path. First I had a sew in that I loved the look of. But, as expensive as the hair was, it was so hard to keep it detangled.

Besides that, I get bored with things very easily.

Right now, I have senegalese twist, and as much as I don't like micro braids, I love these.

I've had them for two weeks. I want to at least keep them two another two before its on to the next style. Who knows what ill end up with next!



Ceeahrah Ghost said...

I am so happy I am not the only one who wants to stay on the protected path ! The blogs I usually read are all about , just chop it off . "/ sadly my hair is a big part of me . That is why I decided to transition out of relaxers .

I also will be getting senegalese twist . As soon as I make an appointment at the salon I go to to get wash, sets, and trims .

I am 9 months strong , it will be a year in May ! I am so excited and happy . I pray to God that my hair will growth will be strong, thick, and hold length .

Just wanted to leave a comment , I saw this entry on my dash . Even though I left kind of useless information about myself and journey . I couldn't help it !

Well I love your senegalese twist ! Please keep me updated . Oh by the way , what do you do to keep your hair moist ?

Crys said...

Aww thanks, &all info is useful to me don't feel that way! ;D

I'm not bold enough to cut myself bald. My hair is a big part of me also! But, I'm ready to get rid of the straightness that is my ends. I love the texture of my natural hair so much, that I can't stand to see the ends of my hair. I'm trying to hold out as long as I can though for the sake of length.

I use a leave-in recipe made by one of the natural hair gurus on youtube to moisturize my hair. -->

it is AMAZING, but can be greasy if you're straightening or if you use too much.

I just wet my hair, put the leave-in on, braid or twist it and let it air dry. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm 4 months post and I'm looking for a protective style other than plain ole micros. Your Senegalese twists are beautiful. What type of hair was used for it?

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