Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ayyye my luvs! Excuse my "M.I.A-ness" [and excuse me for making up words, I do that a lot!] but I've been feeling like straight up...death these last couple of days. I'm not sick..I guess..well, maybe I am. I've just been really tired, no matter how much I sleep..every other day I have a headache[which is not really new to me, but..] day my nose is running, the next my eyes are watering..guess that's sick huh? Whatever, let me be in denial!! I just haven't felt like my normal self[feeling better now, clearly]..I probably need to go to the doctor. Actually, I definitely do, to find out whytf my head is ALWAYS hurting..but with doctor visits there's always the possibility of having to get needles..or them sending you somewhere to get needles [ex. blood work]..and me and needles?? We're just not friends... Mind you, I have my belly button pierced && a tattoo..and want more. But, I won't go to the doctor. Yeaah, I know. I confuse myself too. "Doctor needles" are different though..


Tomorrow I'm spending the day with mommy and my sister.. Something I haven't done in a while because I've been on and off disgusted with my sister[s]. I've been on some "shit happens, get over it" type of stuff with them lately though. I mean, they are my sisters.. And since I can't trade them for Beyonce and Solange, I might as well not hold grudges right? Grudges get you nowhere anyway..but anyhow..It feels like old times again because we used to spend SO much time together, especially on the weekends..So, I guess it'll be fun. We're going to shop and go to the spa. Sounds like a pretty good day to me. We'll see..

Incase anybody was wondering why I never post any pics[of me], it's because my cam broke like a week after I started this blog. I guess I dropped it on the concrete one too many times..the last time I went to take a picture, the lense closed like half way and just stayed like that. I don't wtf happened, but it won't even stay on anymore..I had it for two years. It's time for an upgrade anyway. SOOOO I'm hoping I'll find one that I like tomorrow or the one I want..otherwise I'll have to order it..and I just don't wanna wait for it to come in the mail. I NEEEEED a camera in my life. I feel so lost without it. When I get it I promise to post more pictures[for those who care] because it would make my blog that much more interesting. Atleast I think so. I might even start making videos. Of what? Who knooows! Maybe I'll sing to you guys. =X That's something I absolutely looooove doing.. Can I sing?? Hell NO! But, I do it anyway. So I might share, lmaoo. I doubt it. But, you never know what I might do. Hell, I never know..

Well, I gotta go since I actually remembered this week that making the band is coming on today. Gotta catch last week's episode because I totally forgot to watch it.
I shall return.
Sooner than later.

[P.S. --> the new followers box thing is UGLY!]


Kiwi said...

yes the new follower box is retarded i thought it was just me...oh i make up words all the time!

L-A-U-R-E-N said...

ugh i hate the follower box too, its so annoying and distracting!

LOLLLL yoooo i wish Solange was one of my sisters!

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