Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm baaaack!

First, I wanna let you guys know that I DID NOT buy/order my camera yet! I didn't find one while I was out.. and the one that I was gonna order online? the seller sold it to somebody else. So I pretty much have to sit down and look for it again, or wait for that particular seller to have it instock again because I wanna pay the same price that they had it for. We'll see how that goes..I may just end up ordering a different one. So..=[ no pictures|videos for now, unless I use my mom's cam..and I don't really like it. =/ I DID order a bunch of other stuff though, and I'm still waiting on those packages. I'll share when they get here!!!

My spa visit was loooovely! I went to the Woodhouse Day Spa. If you have one near you, I say go for it. The whole experience was amazing..despite some of the drama that happened before I got there. Smh.

In my last blog I mentioned how I've been having issues with my sisters. ..Let's call them siblings, "sister" would be a stretch. Although my oldest sister and I are on good terms again..as a matter of a fact, this is not directed towards her. I'm talking about the other one! I try not to be angry with people, and treat them the way that they should be treated, but all of that is about to change! If I care about a person and/or a situation enough, I try to be the bigger person about it, and let it go. BUT! People like to keep pushing, and pushing..and I'm on the verge of snapping. For real. Not many people know me when I truly get mad, because I'm always trying to be nice regardless of how I really feel. But, fck that! Me being nice, gets me no where, apparently. People take my kindness for weakness way too often, and weak is thee farthest from what I am.

Most times I say what I feel, but there are times when I bite my tongue because I try to spare people's feelings. I get nothing out of going around purposely hurting people. But, Im beginning to think that certain people deserve to know exactly how I feel. If I said what I thought about people, alot of those people wouldn't like me. ..Not that I give a damn, because honestly? I couldn't care less. I don't say certain things for the sake of their feelings. &When I talk about not saying certain things, I don't mean talking about people's physical appearance or anything of that nature. I'm talking about speaking on things that have to do with ME! So, I've come to the conclusion that I'm gonna stop keeping these feelings to myself. From now on, if I have something to say, regardless of whether or not I think it's gonna hurt YOU, I'm gonna say it. I gotta start protecting ME and my feelings, instead of worrying about everyone else's. Maybe if I start being the bitch that I should be towards certain people, they'll stop thinking that they can do whatever they want to me and get away with it. I think once I make an example of one person, everyone else will take the hint.

Being too nice is one of my biggest flaws! From now on, if you deserve it, you will meet the other side of me.

With that said, I was just thinking of some things that I see on a daily basis that REALLY irk the life out of me, and since I'm being MORE outspoken, I'll share:

1. People that truly believe they're something that they're NOT. [Do I really need to list examples of this one? Read it again, it might make more sense the second time..If not, I'll elaborate at a later date.]

2. People who are "overly confident". Okay, now this is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. I'm talking about people who feel the need to say "I'm the shit, or I'm a fly ass bitch, I'm this, or I'm that" Now I got a question for these people..are you REALLY that confident? ..or are you trying to CONVINCE YOURSELF that you're that confident? Because people who hold true confidence don't feel the need to broadcast it every chance they get..true confidence comes natural, without being conceited. There's nothing wrong with loving yourself, by all means, knock yourself out. I know I love me! BUT, it's just my opinion that people who repeat themselves about how.."[whatever]"..they are, are really insecure, and they need to keep saying it so that they'll actually believe it. Maybe 1% of those people truly do love themselves THAT much that they have to constantly say it. Somehow, I doubt it..
How about letting someone else compliment you?

NOW..that's not all that's been irking me, but I'm kind of drawing a blank at the moment. Maybe I'll do a pet peeve blog once a week, because I see a lot of corny shit that just aggravates the HELL out of me! =] I think I'll definitely do that..no promises.

On a brighter note..two of my packages just caaame! Yay! I'm gonna go open them, see what I got, and I might come back and share with you guyss!


P.S. Hellooo to my new followers! =]


Paola said...

i think its rude to follow people u don't really know out of nowhere and not even let them know you are following them..so, yea, im following your blog now, so... hi ! :)

ur pet peeve #2 is also my biggest pet peeve; so already were kinda compatible? haha.

Crys said...

Welcome! =]

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