Thursday, February 12, 2009

So, I had a pretty productive day yesterday. Once I got outside, I was okay.. And I did end up keeping the promise I made to myself. Keeping busy was the key. &&With the help of a few people, I was even able to smile. Very grateful for them!

In my last post I mentioned a dream that I had..Between last night and this morning I had the most random|weird dream[which is how most of my dreams are..] so I'm gonna tell yall about it. I was the most confused person in the world when I woke up this morning. lol.

Okay, so I was outside with a bunch of people, in some neighborhood that didn't look familiar to me at all. I don't know where the hell I was..but we were all outside, almost like it was a block party, but no one was partying! The only person I recognized was my auntie who passed away in November. Anyway, something happened,[I don't really remember] and people started dying..I don't know..Then this giant man came from around a corner singing "My Girl"[Temptations..lmaoo, I really don't know] and everybody started following him and singing with him. When the song was over, this giant man pulled out a gun..and he shot my stomach..multiple times..then he disappeared. So then, I find myself in somebody's house, and Chris Brown is there. ??? I don't know wtf or whytf, but my aunt was yelling at him telling him to call an ambulance. So while I'm waiting for the ambulance I walk over to Chris and start singing the chorus of his song "thank you" to him. lmaoo. wtf??

I woke up after that..6 o'clock this morning I'm up tryna figure out what the hell this dream was all about. Smh. This is the second dream that Chris Brown has showed up in in the last week. One before the stuff between him and Rihanna happened[blaah] this. I have no idea what that's about. &&I'm still wondering how I got shot so many times but was still walking around..and singing too?? And why did I get shot?? I think that's the first time that's happened in one of my dreams. I'm gonna google it and see what it means.

So, this morning I was up watching fresh prince, and it was the episode where Will was beginning to realize that he was in love with Lisa. &&He was talking to Uncle Phil about it...why did this man bust out singing "my girl"? That's crazy!

Anyway, the wind outside is ridiculous. I think I'll stay inside today. I might blow away..and I mean that literally. It's happened before. Sucks being skinny on a day like this. =/


Jervis said...

man,thank god im studying psychology, because that dream means so much. As far as the chris brown stuff goes, its like u had like a prediction or the stars were formed in your matter that you had a dream BEFORE the drama happenend. that mean unconsciously you seen it coming. Then the reason why u had a dream after is because you've been thinking about it, and its been all over the blogs so much. But its FREAKY as shit that the song my girl was in your dreams then fresh prince

Kiarah C. W. said...

oooh I have the weirdest dreams 2. They are usually funny like that 2. I have had some weird ones lately. I think it is because I have such an active imagination.

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