Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pet Peeves; take one.

`Mmkay, so I said that I would start posting things that I see that annoy me on a weekly basis. But, I'll probably just post them as they come to me, whether that be weekly, sooner, or longer than that.

1. Liars| this has got to be my biggest peeves. To me, lying is a form of fear. People lie because they are afraid to tell the truth. DON'T DO SHIT THAT YOU MAY FEEL LIKE YOU'LL HAVE TO LIE ABOUT LATER. It's that simple. 9 times out of 10 you'll get caught in it anyway!

2. DJ Khaled| This man aggravates the HELL out of me. Nobody understands how I just want to jump off a cliff when he starts that "We the best.." bullsh|t. I just want to shake him and tell him to shuuuut uuuup? [However, once I got passed his part, I did like "Go Hard"..probably only because my Kanye is on it but..] What is he yelling for anyway? I can understand if he's in the club, tryna get the crowd hype..but in videos, or on the radio? Can't he tone it down just a tad? Smh..

3. On myspace..| when people threaten to delete you off of their friends list if you don't "show love". Get oooooutta here with that. It's MYSPACE. Really, nobody cares! Everytime I log into myspace I see a bulletin like this.. And they say stupid stuff like "if you don't show love by 3:15 I'm deleting you" wtf? If somebody requests you and NEVER says ANYTHING, chances are it was something on your page that they wanted to see and that's as far as it goes. You approved them, they saw it, it's over! If you're gonna go around making myspace threats..don't approve people in the first place. That's corny. I've pretty much disowned my myspace at this point, but I log on every once in a while..I just did, and this is what I saw..and always see. Give me a break!

4. Words| When people use the wrong form of words. Like "your" and "you're"..or "their", "there", and "they're".."to" and "too". [Most times people get "two" right.] "No" and "Know"..smh. "Since" and "sense". I hate that! If you take time to think about what you're typing its shouldn't be hard to get it right. Yeah, yeah, nobody's perfect...I know this. I catch myself slipping sometimes too..but not nearly as often as A LOT of people! Maybe some people just don't care, but YOU SHOULD!

That's all for now..


Devon said...

haha i lovedddddd this post girl!!! you said it all!

FLYBOIZ said...

none of this is anything new to me. especially the dj khaled one. lmao

theresa stacey said...

I completely relate to being annoyed by the word thing, it drives me crazy! Your vs. You're doesn't bother me as much as people mixing up "their" "there" and "they're". It makes me think they truly don't know which one to use and that saddens me..

TDB said...


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