Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm wondering why it feels like below zero in my house right now..I'm freeeeezing! =/

Hello again! =D

I'm home today, obviously, so I figured I should update you guys a little bit! I started my day off with a pilates workout! Summer is coming..time to tighten everything up! + I want my flexibility back! =] Not exercising since..I don't even know, I've gotten so stiff, and that's no fun! So I'm back to working out every free day I have! I'll be limber in no time!

Anywaay, birthday season is here for the nieces and neph.. First up is my Tyara, she's turning three. Her birthday is the 25th..so that's where I'll be this Saturday, at her party until four. I'll have to update you guys with pics after the party because I'm now realizing that none that I have are recent..probably because I still don't have a cam of my own!

I plan to go see "Obsessed" sometime this weekend too. I'm dying to see this movie and it BETTER BE GOOD!

Other than that, I'm just trying to get back into the swing of working. Everything seems to be falling into place. I have to head to my school this week to tie up some loose ends w| registering for my classes then I'll be back in business!! Go me! lol.

I hope everyone's having thee best week! ..It just started, but mine is going great so far!

Goshh, it's 3 already? Where'd the day go?!
I'll be back guys.
Sooner than Later


dangerous dan said...

Hope the workouts and b-day season went/is going well!

Pro's Hood said...

I concur with dangerous dan.... hope all is well sunshine and your week is prosperous!.

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