Monday, April 13, 2009

You're it!

I decided last night that I wanted to start a tag! Since so many people, including myself, have been having "blogger's block"..why not throw something out there that everyone can do?!

I'm tagging all of my readers to post ten random facts about yourself!! I know it's been done before, but I've never done it & I'm the queen of all things this is what we'll start with! If you guys come up with some ideas for a tag, you should start it! I'll probably start more after we see how far this one goes!! So, here's mine:

1. Bugs + needles! If you ever want to see me have a real live fit? It'll be when a bug is somewhere near me, or I'm about to get a needle! It's weird, I can do tattoos and piercings with a lot less trouble, but put me in front of a doctor with needle in hand? smh. Thee worst!

2. I eat cornstarch! Yes, cornstarch..out of the box, or [more recently] plastic jar thing with a spoon or straw. Yes, I know it's not healthy..a lot of people think it's disgusting! BUT, I don't! Craving it comes from iron deficiency..sometimes I eat it just because it's there! My whole immediate family has eaten it at some point. I'm not the only weirdo in the world! lmaoo. And I've gotten everyone I know to support my habit at one point or another!

3. "Poetic Justice" is my favorite movie! I know the entire script..that is one movie people hate to watch with me, because I recite the lines. =] You should already know my fave tv show!

4. Big dogs! I'm beginning to realize that I'm terrified of them! I literally have a dream once a week about getting chased or attacked by a dog! That's no exaggeration! I don't know's kind of funny to me! ..but weird and scary at the same time!

5. I have two older brothers on my Daddy's side. Most people don't know that, because I don't know them. I would love to find them, I don't know how.

6. I hate cats! Can't stand `em! BUT I'm totally fascinated with Lions, Leopards, Tigers..! I want one. I don't know how it is that im scared of dogs, but I want a tiger[thats the one a want most, lmaoo. a white one!] as a pet..something that could eat lil' old me in the blink of an eye! It's true..


7. I had braces..but you can't tell because I lost my retainer a few weeks after I got them off. Never got a new one!

8. I was in a flip over [car]accident when I was 12? I think I was 12..fractured my radius. Luckily I was in an Expedition..if it had been a car, I probably wouldn't be here.

9. I've been to Disney World over 5 times!

10. I've never had chiken pox! ?? lmaoo. Knock on wood..

OKAY! Clearly I was running out of things to's a lot harder than I thought it would be. So much for being the Now you guys know ten things about me that you didn't before..I wanna learn some things about

You're it!

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ariele said...

aww at ur #8. i was in an accident tooo. have this weird "invisible" scar under my left eye from it /= good thang that you're okay

lol @ "Poetic Justice" that's my movie.

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