Friday, June 5, 2009

Pet Peeves; take two !

I'm back with more sh|t that irks the LIFE out of me !! =]

1. Staring| I absolutely HATE ! when I'm out somewhere and people are staring at me like I have two heads. Mainly guys ! And the reason it gets on my nerves so much is because you're looking at me that hard, but you don't say ANYTHING AT ALL. I don't even get a "Hi". Staring is rude enough already, but to not say anything makes it worse. And don't give me that "maybe they're intimidated by you" line either. If they were that scared they'd be scared for me to catch them looking. That's BS, won't take it. Maybe I should take it as a compliment but, I don't ! In fact, I often find myself asking "what[TF] are you looking?" . You know how when people are looking at someone, and that person catches them looking and they hurry and shift their eyes to something else ? That's usually what I get from females. That's not what im talking about, I'm talking about after you've made eye contact and they're still staring you down, but not saying a WORD ! I don't know, it aggravates me. Maybe I'm mean .. I'm beginning to realize that attention annoys me ! I guess I'd rather be left alone . hmm?

2. People who claim to be things that their not| I said this in my last pet peeve blog, but I didn't give examples.. the biggest one that makes me mad is nationality.. and I find that it mostly comes from black peoples mouths ! Sad ! Please miss me with the im 1/5 indian, 9\12 puerto rican, or 1/3 white. I do believe that everyone is mixed with something somewhere down the line, but I also believe that you should claim majority of what you are if its not half and half; instead of listing all of the fractions, when 98% of the time your lying just to be "cool". Give me a break. Be proud of what you are! If your mother or father are not two different races .. I think you should just let go of the thought of being mixed. This is coming from someone who gets asked on a daily basis "what's your nationality?" or "what are you mixed with?". NOTHING! I have every opportunity to lie about what I am .. but for what? And that annoys me too. Because I'm black w| longer hair than other black girls, you assume that im mixed with something? Then when I tell you I'm black, you act like you're appalled and say "that's it?!". My answer is always "as far as I know, yes!". Until I have solid proof that there is something else in my blood. I'm claiming what mom and dad are, BLACK! AND YES .. That's it ! smh.

3. Baggy Pants| Guys who wear their jeans 10x too big..[or clothes period!] it's just .. horrible ! Even when baggy jeans were "in" I didn't like them. NO ! I'm not asking or telling you to wear jeans as tight as mine but, you can get YOUR size instead of somebody elses .

What exactly is cute about this ?:

I personally think it makes guys look homely .. or like they don't have clothes of their own so they borrowed someone elses ..

Okay .. I'm done ranting, for now ! =] I know everyone will not agree with my opinions and that's perfectly fine ! That's why this is MY blog ! So I can say what I want.. right ?! If you happen to disagree with me to the point that you don't like what I'm saying or i makes you mad .. Simply drag your cursor to the top right corner and click it --> |X| ! No love lost ! =D


&So it Goes On Viva La Dame said...

LOL dis post is TRUe i hate being stared at nd i usually speak up nd they get dumb-founded Wat tha hell/? LOL N E Ways YES Finally someone who feels da same way bout those damn baggy jeans dat makes me sick i do not walk wit anybody dat look like they will walk out of their pants any giving da post.

nt skinne n e mo said...

i feel you. i hate when they stare and dont say shit. thats more irritating then saying some dumb shit. lol and the baggy pants are like sooo old. but still dont fk with the dudes who wear skinnys. lol

Miss.$ugarDaddy said...

#1 i don't mind so much, i mean, if you look know
#2 & #3 all i can say is wtf?! i guess its the sign of the times? maybe?

kimee said...

omggg i hate ppl tht stare! its like so rude!!!

BlaqueBettyBoop said...

my pet peeves are braggers, baggy pants, moving to slowly in front of me, fakeness,stares, over the top ghetto-ness along w/a coulpe others

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