Friday, June 5, 2009

The White House [Cont'd] !


I said I would return with details so here I am !! =D

Next Friday, June 12th, I'm going to DC to tour the White House ! How ? I was asked by my nephew to be his chaperone for his class trip ! He knows how much I adore `Chelly and Barack, so he invited ME over his own mother ! AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT! lol !! I'm not positive that the President will even be there.. BUT im hoping like hell that he is ! I WILL have my camera ready if I'm allowed to have one! I don't really know the rules of the tour, but they did a background check on everyone going . Clearly they don't play!

I'm so excited. I've toured DC plenty of times, but never actually been to the White House. Actually, I never cared to go until now ! As soon as he became President I said, "I HAVE to go to the White House before his eight years are up" [YUUUP ! I said it EIGHT YEARS !] And my nephew made that possible for me! Couldn't be more sooped!

I'll be on twitter keeping my followers updated with tweets and twitpics ! So, if you're interested, you know where to find me ! And of course I'll be back to blog my experience, and hopefully post pictures ! =D

I shall return;
Sooner than Later.


Jasmine Nicole said...

sounds like a great experience, even if he isn't there. Idk how I would act if I met or even seen him in person.
lol@ them doing background checks.

Neesh B Fly said...

Love Obama Love your blog check mines out and if you like it follow me or leave a comment..thanks

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