Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'll admit it! I'm a LUSH.


Not exactly the kind of lush you were probably thinking, but, close enough. I was introduced to Lush Cosmetics on youtube. Those of you that read my blog in the past know that I watch the beauty/make-up gurus on youtube probably about as much as I watch tv! Anywhoo, I stumbled across a few videos where the girls talk about Lush and I watched them rave and sniff stuff, and I was sold. I mean, who doesn't love soap?(if you don't, YOU SHOULD!) +they sell much more than that.

I finally made it to a store a little before Christmas. I had no idea what to try, so I started with two of their gift sets. I wasn't TOO pleased with them BUT I went back this passed Saturday, and racked up on a few goodies && so far I'm in looooove!

I got:
Sea Vegetable Soap
lavender|lime scent. has sea salt + seaweed for exfoliating.
Sexy Peel
OMG! my favorite so far! lemon scent. has lemon + orange peel. smells SO good.
The GodMother Soap
Okay, I lied. THIS one is my fav! It kind of smells the "swedish fish" (the candy) with a hint of something that I can't explain. I literally wanna eat this one. =X

Buffy Body Bar
This is a body butter. It's an exfoliator that you use at the end of your shower, and it moisturizes so you don't have to put on lotion when you get out. Kind of rough, but I like it. Smells like cocoa|shea butter mostly.
B Electro Shower Gel
grapefruit scented. how could I leave neon shower gel in the store? it probably glows in the shower!=)

And after spending 60 something dollars on the stuff above, I got to pick a FREE gift!
I chose:
Happy Hippy Shower Gel
citrus scented as well. guess im a citrusy kind of girl. this is the one I decided to use first. I absolutely love it. my whole house smells like grapefruits, lemons, and oranges when I get out of the shower!

It's safe to say I have ANOTHER addiction(nail polish, and shopping in general being two of the others!).

If you guys want to check it out, go to LUSH.COM and use the store locator to find out if there's one near you. You can place orders online, but thats no fun if you've never smelled anything in person!

Happy Shopping!

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