Tuesday, December 14, 2010


About that nail product that I was supposed to be reviewing for you guys.. I DID NOT forget about it.. I wanted to have before and after pics of my nails so you could actually SEE the results BUT..nail biting is a nervous habit of mine and sometimes I do it without even realizing until it's too late. I have gotten better about it and grown my nails to pretty nice lengths without biting..but my nerves have been shot lately and my nails are gross right about now! With the holiday season at work, I haven't had much time to keep them polished and that is what prevents me from biting them..But, to day , I polished what's left of them and I'm working on growing them back out so I can get that review to you guys!

One day soon I'll put up pics of some of my past manicures. I try to keep my nails looking spiffy, but with no time it's hard. I've literally been going to work coming home, showering, going to sleep and going back to work! Last Friday I did manage to sneak out of work early enough to see Usher's OMG concert. Amazing. I will post pics and possibly footage from that also once I get everything uploaded! =) Great Show!

NOW! The real reason I wanted to post today is because I've been thinking..I want to start interacting with you guys more..So, a way for me to do so is to start having contests and giveaways and things of that nature..what do you think?! I appreciate my readers, even if you don't comment so why not give back sometimes right?

I'm thinking of starting January 2011, but I need feedback. If no one's going to participate, im not going to waste my time! Soooo..let me know! I 'll leave it up to you guys. =)=)=) I wanna know who's out there and who's actually paying attention. I have some awesome ideas in mind!

Upcoming posts:
Hair Update
Past Manicures
Usher OMG Tour

Stay tuned..

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