Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have been looking for a cream gray nail polish ever since the summer. I've searched everywhere and I finally found one!!


It comes out next week[I believe] with the rest of the hello kitty collection. Definitely ordering this one. I've been dying for this color for way too long.
[One of my mother's co-workers sent me an ad for some nail art pens that are supposed to be by Sally Hansen, but I can't find them anywhere.. Not even on her website..I googled it, got nothing. Anybody know what im talking about or where I can find them?]

Anyway; I definitely did not know MTB4 was coming back on so soon!! Where have I been?? That's exciting..I ♥ Day 26. I'm a tad disappointed in Danity Kane though.. Just when I start to really like them, they break up. =/

Update from my last post--> I did not change my number..Simply because I don't feel like learning a new one, I don't feel like sending a new one to everyone, I don't feel like calling verizon, and I think these guys finally took a hint.. The boy from pizza hut called me at 1 something the other morning. I was nice and tempted to pick up and hurt his feelings, but im a nice girl =], so I ignored him instead. Then, somebody called me from a blocked number..I won't to much blame it on these guys though. That happens from time to time because no lifes like to play on the phone. THEEEN, the boy from pizza hut sent me a I don't know what he looks like..or better yet, like I asked him for a picture. Byee! Did he think that would get him some type of response?? ..Well, it didn't. My mom got a kick out of it though..I, on the other hand was looking at it with the "do-doo" face..

Remember this?


Yeaah, that's the face!

Since then[I think it was Monday], I haven't gotten any unwanted calls or texts. Thank God!


Crystalynne D said...

LOL @ the pizza guy !

K. Denise said...

Young. I kind of have this thing against Mac [long story] but I love Hello Kitty so I have to get that.

That Pizza Hut story reminds me of thi dude at Enterprise who got my # off the paperwork & called me.

Devon said...

that polish is so pretttyyy an lmao at the doo doo face1!

Kiarah C. W. said...

They do have nail art pens. I found them at the grocery store in the make-up section. Here's a link with a picture. I tried the silver one and it works well for my simple designs. Cost me $7.

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