Monday, April 13, 2009

"LET'S GO!" [Gotta ♥ Diddy!]

Heeeey guysss!

I've been up since 7:30, I haven't been up that early in a loooong time! I'm so tempted to go back to sleep, but I won't. Perfect opportunity to get my sleep schedule right because it's ridiculous right now!

I've been putting off blogging lately. =/ For some reason I just don't get the urge to do it anymore..probably because you guys[well some of you] already know most of what I'm doing from twitter! I just feel no need to repeat myself. lol. BUT, I see that I am still getting new readers, and I feel like I owe it to you guys to keep this thing atleast a little bit interesting! So, I'll try! I won't make promises, but I will try to update more often. Btw, my readers are THEE greatest! Be clear! all 59 of you are thee bomb for being interested in my drama, ramblings, opinions, LIFE! Thank you. =]

With that said, I'm gonna give you guys a quick update! I am proud to say that I am officially a working girl again! I've been self-proclaimed "bum" for waaay too long. Nine months? Yeaah, I think so..maybe a little bit less. The sleeping late and having nothing to do was fun in the beginning, but long term? it's not for me! So I am very happy! =] Where do I work? A store.. Is that the job I want? Of course not! But, right really can't be choosey with jobs. Any paycheck is better than the no paycheck I've been getting. So I am grateful!

[To all the people that I've asked for help these last couple of months and they weren't there for me..not even so much because they said NO..but more because I asked you for, or to do something and you acted like you didn't even hear me? Yeah, ya'll can kiss my ass! Anybody that I would even think about asking for something is close enough to me to know that I ABSOLUTELY HATE TO ASK ANYBODY FOR ANYTHING! I can't even emphasize HATE enough.. So for you to ignore me after I had to fight to let go of my pride to even ask you? I would have much rathered the "NO!" Smh. Please believe that if you are one of those people that you will NEVER get that satisfaction again. ..and believe this too! You will need me one day..because every single one of you have before! =] And you know the beauty of this whole situation? None of you will never know if I'm talking about you because I'm not mad at you. Never will be. I don't have the energy for it!
My mother is the only person who ginuinely helped me this whole time! Never once turned her back on me, never once told me no! And some of you can say "well that's what your mother is supposed to do" but I am almost twenty-one years old! She didn't have to do anything for! &She's the only person that I'll never think twice about doing anything for. I'd give her my heart if she needed it!]

::sighs:: Now that that's off of my chest! What else have been up to?

OHH! I am also going back to school next month! That's something else that has been missing in my life. Shame on me! This time I'm not stopping. There will be no more taking semesters off because "I need a break". This time I WILL finish! I'll never get anywhere if I keep taking breaks everytime I feel the need. I'm not tryna be working at "a store" for the rest of my life. No offense to anyone.

It's safe to say that I'm getting my life back. Last year around this time, I had it all, and I did nothing but complain about it! Just soo ungrateful.. Then I woke up one day and had NOTHING! But, you know what, I needed the wake up call! It took me a while, but I've learned from my mistakes..and I appreciate everything soo much more!

Some of you asked what I'll be doing for the big 21! Before last night, I had no But, turns out that I'll be doing some traveling to celebrate! Out of the country! How exciting is that?! VERY! I've never been anywhere besides up and down the east coast..and Puerto Rico! So, I'm excited..& a little nervous! =] I have to get a passport..but no biggie. Just another something for me to add to my to-do list! I already figured out what I have to do to get one and it pretty simple..which is a great thing!

Other than that, I have nothing more to say! the moment of course! I'm verry HAPPY! &It feels great! I keep getting positive surprises.. I love it!

Anywaaaay; I need some caffeine in my system. &&FOOD! I'm gonna hop on that before I pass out! lol.

I shall return;
Sooner than Later

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Devon said...

aaaahhh love ya crysss! we are soo omg its scaryyyyy lol...congrats on getting a job i am currently looking for another one since my training on base is over im in the reserves and girl i am always being called a bum and i NEVER ask anybody to do anything for me girl i hate it so much! and going back to schoool? go head girl! i took time off too because "i needed a break" but i need to get myself together tho QUICKLY!!!

you are gonna have such an amazing time for your 21st shoot im excited for you haha i cant wait to go to london in june iexcited! for my 21st i wanna go to miama florida, ive never been there before!

but girl i clearly wrote two paragraphs on ya page haha=] your the best crys!

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