Tuesday, October 12, 2010

REVIEW TUESDAY: Wild Growth Hair Oil


I heard rave reviews about this oil from ladies with natural hair, so, I decided this would be the first of many products that I'd try throughout my transition. As far as I know, this oil is only available at Sally Beauty Supply(I shop there a lot, huh?)and it retails for $7.99($7.89 with Sally's Beauty Club Card).


Wild Growth Hair Oil is made of 100% natural ingredients that work together to condition, detangle and help you achieve longer-lasting presses.

Turn dry, tangled and hard to manage hair into softer, healthier hair without split ends and reduced breakage. Wild Growth Hair Oil will keep your tresses healthy from root to tip by conditioning the scalp and this will lead to longer, fuller hair that grows.

This oil makes my new growth soft and manageable for sure! That in itself is a WIN for me. I always read, and watch reviews for a product before I buy. The reviews for this one scared me a little. People were totally butchering the smell of this oil, and I almost didn't try it because who wants to walk around with stink hair? But, when I got it and smelled it for myself, I realized they were being really dramatic. I read "oh, how it smells like fish." "It makes me nauseous smelling it" all types of things, but truthfully, the smell really isn't that bad! And on top of it not being so bad, after about an hour or so after application, you can't even smell it anymore. It does smell like food. NOT fish, but food. But, it's a bareable smell, and for what it does for my hair? I can easily get over it. This oil is a bit heavy, so a little definitely goes a long way. If you use too much, your hair WILL be greasy. The bottle suggests using 5-15 drops. I've never really counted how many I use, but I have a lot of hair and I use about a nickel sized amount. I recently tried it for straightening my hair since it claims to work for longer lasting "presses". I'll have to get back to you guys on whether or not my straight hair lasted longer than usual because its only been 3 days. But, I have to say, for me to be 3 months and change post relaxer, my hair look and feels amazing. The bottle gives instructions on how much to use for different hair types. If you have dry, brittle hair, this is definitely going to be a life saver for you!


Dee O. said...

wow, great review!!! i'm definitely going to give this a try..the hair growth oil that i'm using now is a dud :(


Latisha Mitchell said...
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